East Cape Fishing Guide

East Cape Fishing

One of the benefits of living or vacationing by the ocean is the ability to catch your dinner! Whether you are an avid fisherman or a novice with a surf rod on the shore, the fishing at Casa Rodriguez is spectacular, to say the least. Located directly on the beach by El Cardonal, the plunder of the Sea of Cortez is yours if you are up for the challenge. The area is known for world-class sportfishing and big game, especially when you’re offshore!

Vicente is the grounds keeper for Casa Rodriguez in El Cardonal, but he is the area’s best captain who grew up fishing the waters of the East Cape. A day out on the boat with him as your guide, you are sure to come back with plenty of fresh fish for dinner and most likely lunch too! Typically larger fish stay out in deeper waters, but you won’t lose any time heading offshore because in the Baja the deep blue is only one to four miles from the beach. Your gear, fuel, and of course your captain will be at your disposal for $350 USD for a half day outing, and $400 USD for a full day. (Cash only, gratuity is appreciated) Fishing on a kayak directly from the house has yielded many guests some great catches. Fishing from the shore is fantastic as well.

With your line in the water you will have the opportunity to wrestle the massive big fish the East Cape is known for, so be prepared for the workout. They put up a good fight! From December to March, you will most likely find some mahi-mahi, marlin, and tuna, but the deep waters are a bit cool. This is the time of year for inshore fishing, where the shallower waters are warmer. It’s highly likely you will be having one of these middleweight fish for dinner: seabass, snapper, sierra, bonito, skipjack, Crevalle jack and possibly roosterfish or yellowtail.

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Fishing Pictures From Casa Rodriguez

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Fishing Seasons

From April to June, even more species of fish head inshore. During these months you will find sierra, Crevalle jack, sea bass, roosterfish, really large snapper, amberjack, pompano, permit, yellowtail and a few others. This is also the time of year that deep waters are beginning to warm up again and offshore fishing can yield marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo and maybe some tuna.

July through November are really the months for any sport fishing enthusiast. Deep sea fishermen come from around the world to try their luck during the summer and fall. This is truly the season for mahi-mahi from five pounds to seventy! Snapper, wahoo, tuna and roosterfish are ample in the waters, but it is the billfish that bring the true lovers of the sport into the East Cape. During these months be ready for a true fight with sailfish, striped marlin, blue marlin, and black marlin. If you’re not up for a long battle, stay with the onshore fishing. You will still have excellent luck!

Fresh Fish Is Best – Ceviche (A Local Favorite)

If you’re not the fishing type and this information didn’t get you chomping at the bit for a piece of the action, then consider this. One day out with Vicente, and you can have the freshest seafood available for several days. In fact, give this a try:


  • Cilantro
  • Mahi-mahi, seabass or sierra
  • Shredded carrots
  • Lots of limes (You’ll need about ½ cup of lime juice for every pound of fish.)
  • Purple onion
  • Chile (your preference, I like jalapeno.)
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How to prepare Ceviche

Cut and filet your fish. Remove all the scales, skin, bones and the dark red blood line down the center. Chop your fish into small bite size pieces and place them in a bowl. Squeeze the lime juice over the fish until it is completely covered and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. You will see the fish has “cooked” in the acidity of the limes. While it is marinating, finely chop all your vegetables and in the last five minutes or so of the marinating process add them to the bowl, gently stirring in with the fish. Keep it chilled for the best flavor, and serve it with chips or tostadas. It’s also really good with fresh avocado on top or give it a sweet kick with some diced mango mixed in. Enjoy!