El Cardonal Baja

El Cardonal is a wonderfully remote, tiny gem of a town located on the East Cape on the Sea of Cortez near Los Barriles. This lovely pueblo is remote and peaceful, approximately thirty minutes from it’s busier neighbor Los Barriles which is well known by Fishermen. The surroundings have a rustic charm and desert beauty while still offering a breathtaking view of the sea. The waters are calm and the beaches beautiful and expansive offering solace to sea turtles. There is plenty to see and do in El Cardonal with Fishing, Photography, Snorkeling, Diving and much much more.

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There are a few local restaurants available for your enjoyment including Mar Y Tierra (Surf and Turf) 1.5 Km South of El Cardonal along the beach road, Taqueria Yolanda across from the primary school in town which is open on weekends for great tacos, El Cardoncito which is across from Minisuper Aguilar, and a lovely little restaurant by the name of Cielito Lindo (Pretty Little Sky) on the main road leading into town. Cielito Lindo is located on the same property as Hotel Las Terrazas and offers poolside dining and a full bar. Furthermore, there is a very friendly local open air cantina bar by the name of EL Vecino (The Neighbor) 50 meters north on the beach road where you can play pool, and watch sports as well as chat with the kind owner about fishing and many other things in the shade of a lovely palapa. You may be greeted by the two very friendly dogs who live on his property named Clifford and Hector. Finally, there is an excellent tortilleria which is open in the mornings that sells delicious, fresh, warm corn and flour tortillas. If you oversleep, they do occasionally have some of their tortillas available for purchase in the Cactus Market.

Stores in El Cardonal

El Cardonal offers an assortment of mini-markets for your convenience offering such sundries as snack foods, sodas, cervezas, and ice. We have found that our favorite of these markets is named Cactus Market. The proprietors are friendly, and they carry a wide assortment of items. There is also a useful market by the name of Minisuper Aguilar in the center of town.